NOVOTEL Require Shift Engineer, Enginerring and Maintenance

Shift Engineer:

  • Responsible for assisting the Director of Engineering in the overall day to day operations.
  • Conform and adhere to the policies & procedures and rules & regulations laid down by Accor in order to achieve the highest levels of uniformity and guest service.
  • To supervise the upkeep and maintenance of all the equipment of the company.
  • Establish and maintain seamless co-ordination & co-operation with all departments of Accor to ensure maximum cooperation, productivity, morale and guest service.
  • Provide effective support to the team to enable them to deliver effective and efficient services.
  • Respond to customer queries by resolving issues in a timely and efficient manner to ensure customer satisfaction.
  • Motivate and develop staff to ensure smooth functioning of the department.
  • Check and ensure that the temperature of cold stores, public areas etc. are maintained as per the specifications.
  • Check and ensure the working condition of fire detectors, firefighting systems, transformers, electrical systems, etc.
  • Check and ensure that proper safety measures have been adhered to and also ensure maintenance of all firefighting equipment.
  • Ensure correct maintenance of all equipment in conjunction with the other user departments & stay abreast of technological advances in surveillance & safety equipment.
  • All employees to safeguard their health and safety, and the health and safety of others, in the workplace.

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