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Assistant Manager SHE

Functional area: ManufacturingCountry: IndiaCity: PuneCompany name: Atlas Copco (India) Ltd.

Main SHE company Goals

  • On-site 0 accident-Incident, low sickness level, and minimum environmental impact by taking care of CO2 emission (transport & energy usage), waste level & recycling, limited water consumption.
  • Same goals to be apply for our customers using our products, suppliers & contractors. For example, it means a robust new product development process, taking care upfront of SHE impact during the entire product life-cycle from A (Material selection) to Z (customer product maintenance & finally scrap).

Specific Targets 

  • IMS: Update PC Dapodi processes to be in line with the new ISO standard version 2015. Implement Visual procedures with Bizagi flow chart tool. Upgrade Environment processes to be ISO 50001 certified. Drive actions to reach Atlas Copco Group SHE improvement targets.
  • Safety: enhance significantly the volume of records for near-miss accidents. Implement collection of employee Safety ideas, through a Visual Safety kanban cards system. Act to reach excellence during AON audit (Rating >90%), and 0 accident level with an effective safety self-discipline of all employee.

Main responsibilities

  • Drive the SHE-IMS processes
    • Record all expected SHE evidences for auditors, legal & reporting.
    • MR for regular SHE-IMS certification audit processes.
    • Monitors “permit-to-work” system for on-site contractors, the visitor safety process, employee special permit validity (driving, soldering …)
    • Implement an effective Emergency process able to immediately react in case of SHE issues, in line with laws & policies, to limit damages. Test it and improve it.
    • Drive investigations in case of accident, ensure that all documentation is done, and is followed by the appropriated preventive actions to reach the vision of 0 accident.
    • Build SHE initiatives to prevent accident like LOTO, LMRA, MMH, PPE, 5S …
    • To collect potential accident to prevent them (like Safety council, employee ideas through safety kanban cards, near-miss accident records …)
    • Evaluate the safety risk with concept like FMEA, to rate the probability together with the severity, and priorities actions / investments for safety.
    • Follow all SHE company action plans, with a strong focus on audit non-conformity.
    • Communicate at least quarterly on SHE , EnMS performance/actions during coordination meeting with employees and Managers.
  • To ensure a strict respect of company guidelines, Standard (ISO) & local laws
    • Organize internal Audits in all company departments (respect of ISO 9001 procedures, effective use of PPE, …) and react with appropriated correctives and preventives actions.
    • Conduct occupational health and safety related surveys like noise level, ergonomics compliance, exposure to chemical substances … and makes associated recommendations.
    • Make inspection of suppliers when needed, with records & action plans.
    • Coordinate external support (internal AC Group & external specialized company) to make audits, update on best practices, and regular trainings.
  • To organize effective SHE-IMS Trainings
    • Lead by example, and inspire all employee for SHE activities.
    • Put training programs in place to ensure all employees have safety awareness, appropriated to their working environment, with the aim that all employees are at the level of best practice health and safety within their roles, being self-disciplined, and taking care of each other.
    • Carry out regular office safety audits, fire drills, Hazardous accident exercise, risk assessments and further develop safety management procedures in line with industry best practice
    • Maintain register of staff safety training and competency in conjunction with HR and advise if and when training is required
    • Ensure both staff and employees are fully aware of applicable legislation including obligations under statutory safety roles
    • Provide SHE compliance assistance to all employee, make reminders, and communicate on SHE residual risks.
  • To promote SHE-IMS Continuous Improvement process 
    • Track Correctives & Preventives actions from audits, and enhance IMS.
    • Use of Kaizen, PDCA concept 
    • Adjust SHE-IMS procedures being more lean, agile, visual, easy to understand, precise enough, used, and of course effective.
  • To make SHE Reporting
    • edit relevant & on-time SHE scorecards on Power BI dashboards, and Monitor KPI trends.
    • Analyse results, and find eventual corrective actions to reach the targets, or eventual best practice to extend.
  • To Manage the STP Maintenance
    • Manage a team in charge of the Preventive Maintenance Plan & Breakdown of the Plant’s STP, 
    • Legal compliances, 
    • Preparing budget and execution to ensure SHE functioning 

General responsibilities

  • Promote and enhance the profile and reputation of Atlas Copco
  • Promote ideas for continuous improvement & innovation
  • Interact on-time, with transparency & commitment with colleagues & managers 
  • Maintain respectful and polite relationship with all contacts.
  • Promotes Group Core values: Interaction, Commitment, and Innovation in order to reach the vision “First in Mind – First in Choice”. 

Personality requirements

  • Leadership skills to influence self-awareness to all stakeholders
  • Problem solving capability
  • Accuracy and attention to detail
  • Effective Communication verbal & written, able to interact with people at all levels within/external to the Company, with visible SHE values & passion, with the ability to inspire the others.
  • Training capability
  • Embracing and Driving Change.
  • Able to demonstrate Results & effectiveness of the activities.

Knowledge / Educational requirements

  • Engineer or equivalent with ADIS
  • Knowledge on IMS & Standards ISO 9001, 14001, ISO 45001, ISO 50001
  • Technical knowledge on Behaviour Based Safety is a benefit.
  • Fluent in English (mandatory), Hindi and Marathi need to be learnt quickly if not mother tong

Experience requirements

  • 8 to 10 Years’ experience in implementing, maintaining & audit of SHE-IMS 
  • Relevant industry standards (like ISO9001, ISO140001, ISO 45001, ISO 50001), regulation & Company standards.
  • Risk Management 
  • Use of IT tools like MS-Excel, MS-Project, Sharepoint, Office 365


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