Job for shift Engineer at JLL

Property and Asset Management 

What this job involves 

You will be ensuring that all technical services are maintained operational during your shift duty. Taking charge of entire technical assets in building, managing engineering team and supporting the Property Manager/ Assistant Property Manager your team leader for coordinating for technical issues with client and occupants. Your key deliverables will be to:

Manage and maintain electromechanical / utilities services at the site with the help of technician team. 
Prepare and implement planned preventive maintenance(PPM). 
Conduct inspections at site regularly to check for risk /defects areas. 
Review work of subordinate staff and provide guidance when needed. 
Ensuring the documentation, checking and follow up of the assets under defect liability period and AMC/CAMC in a tracker. 
Be responsible for hiring, training and development of shift engineers and maintenance staff. 
Formulating suitable budgeting controls and Monitoring SLA’s & KPI’s for JLL and outsourced agencies towards effective service deliverance. 
Maintaining service level agreements and keeping performance indicator scores above excellence. 
Ensuring timely renewal of the agreement, submission of invoices and follow-ups for the payments. 
Overseeing all vendor quotations and invoices. 
Ensure proper signoffs for attendance and all the required details for cost sheet submission. 
Ensuring timely submission of client approved cost sheet to JLL office and following up for the invoice. 
Schedule monthly vendor meeting to discuss on daily matters&ensure corrective actions are takenfor the same.
Planning and implementing for energy conservation. 
Prepare monthly readings sheet with occupants and ensure all check-sheets and logbooks are being filled properly as per the schedule 
Maintain history cards for all equipment’s. 
Attend major complaints & escalate to senior & co-ordinate with technical staff if necessary. 
Ensurework permits are in place and safe workingpractices /procedures are followed. 
Assist the Property Manager/ Assistant Property Manager/ Technical Manager in conducting risk assessment of the building operations and work towards mitigation of highlighted inherent risks and in conducting root cause analysis in case of system failure and breakdowns. 
Createcorrective, preventive and emergency response action plans. 
Take part in evacuation Drills and be a part ofERT/QRT team. 
Maintain engineering and other reports like DMR and MMR. 
Work closely with the regional RO / HO / SME/ Training teams and ensure closures of all required reports. 
Facilitate the services under the Slogan “No Safety No Work”. 

Site dynamics:
Work Schedule: Site team: e.g.: Property Manager +2 Other details if any.

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