Why many candidates are not getting jobs from job Portals ?

Why many candidates are not getting jobs from job Portals ?

Getting a job is become difficult now a days

Now a days everybody is searching a job on websites, like Naukri.com, Indeed.co.in, timesjobs etc.

Still they are not geeting jobs, many people apply on naukri.com where thousnad of applicants for one post 

hear is one example in one day there are 386 appicants, on 7 th day there will be 1000 applicants

so you are having very less chances to get the job out of 1000 applicants as it may happen that your CV will not be seen,and read.

now a days every job is a referral job , as companies are also encouraging internal employees to refer some good and known cadidates.

how to find a job -

How then this Job eco system works -Telegram

As almost all companies are encouraging internal referral scheme, they also give some amount of money to employee those who are giving reference if referred candidates selected .

so internal employees is the first known person about vacancy in that organisation, 

they are try hard to get reference candidates for referral bonus.

also companies saves money and time of searching candidates.

most of time we see vacancy on job portal is just for show and record.

Now a days social media is used for job hunting, like whatsapp groups, Telegram channels, facebook groups.

so if you want a job you should join as many as groups and have a first information about job vacancy.

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