How to crack a Interview and 5 Job  Interview  Mistakes  One  should avoid !!

How to crack a Interview and 5 Job Interview Mistakes One should avoid !!


How to crack a Interview ?  5Job  Interview  Mistakes  One  should avoid 

To How to crack a Interview 


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In such Competitive time where job post vacancy are less and number of applicants are in thousand ,In this tough time if you get a interview call , then its great chance to show your talents & your knowledge,

but you should not do these 5 mistake and leave a  best impression to recruiters or interviewer 

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Here are few big mistakes to avoid during an interview :-

1) Homework not done :-

interviw tips, skype interview tips, tell me about interview tips
Interview Home work not done, Unprepared interview

When you are going  for interview or giving telephonic interview, you should have some basic knowledge about company, for product and its services, 
It is not important to know each every small thing about 

company ,but major information you should have like its history 
and its competitors , 

Study job description which is available on job portal , make your self prepare for question related to it.
if possible please highlights job description which is in your resume.

2) Dressing and  Appearance :-

interview dress , tips for interview
Dressing for job interview

Your First impression before you talk is your dressing and appearance, The interviewer will judge or assume you on basis of your dressing and apperance first then he will ask for your job related question or credentials.

it is therefor important to dress up in business formals for interview and give a first impression , best impression and make it last impression 

3) Body Language :-

tip for interview, avoid casual dress,  interview tips for  students

You need to be professional in every aspect of your interview ,your should not be casual,  you should not be over friendly or afraid or nervous , you should not lean on table or chair sit right properly, smile little if any  situation occurs.

all these situation may lead to bad impression of your on interviewer which you should avoid.

4) No Negative talks :-

interviw tips,  no negative talk , interview tips for students

Everybody must have bad experience at his past work or current workplace 
do not talk negative about your boss and company, always give answer why you want to leave your present job in positive manner, such as learning and taking new challenges

try to explain your positive attitude and your achievement in good aspects to leave  a lasting impression on interviewer

5) Blha Blha Talking too much  :-

interview tips for student , skype interview tips, mistake to avoid in interview

 When you are giving interview it may happen that you know every question answer and you become super confident  and getting carried away and speak more than you required .
Focus on question and its specific answer , try to give the answer in short and you may ask interviewer if you can explain in details and then you can explain slowly and take some pause while speaking.

Conclusion :-

These are 5 Basic interview manners which we should avoid and crack the interview 
best of luck for your interview

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